family portraitEwetopia farm is a homestead farm in Richmond, Vermont, adjacent to the landmark West Monitor Barn (headquarters of the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps). We raise a small flock of sheep, bees, and a few laying hens, producing quality wool that is carded and spun at the Hampton Fiber Mill just down the road from us.  Our farm has been a working farm for nearly its entire hundred-year history, and we are committed to keeping the land and our two historic barns (which form part of a complex of barns that included the West Monitor Barn) in agricultural use. Our farm is solar and muscle powered, and our animals are raised naturally on pasture, without the use of supplements or synthetic chemicals. We sell yarn and rovings, live animals, and we offer a limited amount of meat for sale in early winter. We also offer dried flower arrangements and wreathes, with flowers and grasses we grow and forage.

Art Herttua is pasture manager, grass farmer, shepherd, beekeeper, carpenter and general handyman at Ewetopia. A former bike shop owner, Art moved here from New Jersey almost twenty years ago to become a homesteader and to enjoy the Green Mountains. He is also an accomplished jazz guitarist. (jazzguitarvt.wordpress.com)

Alexis Lathem, who grew up in Brooklyn, New York and London, England, was first
introduced to farming through Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Over the years, she
worked on organic farms in England, France, the Catskill region, as well as Vermont.
As the former staff writer and Communication Director at Rural Vermont, she has
written extensively on issues related to food and farming. In addition to taking care of
the gardens and helping to raise the animals at Ewetopia, she is a journalist and poet and
teaches writing at the Community College of Vermont.

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